Competitive Advantage

When selecting a provider for your SAS 70 Service Auditor’s Report, you should consider the following:

Specialization: Does the provider have the necessary experience, skills and qualifications to perform your SAS 70? You should select a provider that is dedicated to the practice of SAS 70’s to ensure a quality experience.

Certifications: Does the firm employ individuals with applicable training, education and experience to perform the technical nature of a SAS 70 engagement? Does the firm only use third party partners or consultants to perform the technical requirements? What level of professional will arrive onsite?

Testing Procedures: Does the firm provide you with a testing plan for what and how controls will be tested? Are the tests of controls scoped appropriately to meet industry best practices and satisfy the scrutiny of your clients’ auditors?

Online Guidance, Support & Maintenance: Does the provider have an application that guides you through the process and maintains your audit documentation? Do you receive year-round support and facilitation of the requirements for your SAS 70 renewal?